For three consecutive seasons I hosted and produced
Circuit Bent Radio, featured on KOOP 91.7FM Austin, TX.

The show focused on electronic, and electroacoustic music from around the world. A popular show within the Austin community, it also attracted streaming listeners from around the globe.

Below are a few playlists from my shows.


Season 02 — PGM010

01. Telefon Tel Aviv (Powell, OH)
"When it Happens it Moves all by Itself"
Map of What is Effortless

02. Low in the Sky (Akron, OH)
"New Amsterdam 1672"
We are all counting on you, William

03. Amon Tobin (Montreal, Quebec)
"At the End of the Day"
Foley Room

04. Populous (Italy)
"Bottom 01"

05. The Doldrums (Tulsa, OK)
"Try a New Thing"
The Doldrums

06. Baby Mammoth (U.K.)

07. The Remote Viewer (U.K.)
"To Completion"
Let Your Heart Draw a Line

08. Hawke (San Francisco, CA)
VA Full Confession 2

09. The Dead Texan (Austin/Belgium)
"Aegina Airlines"
The Dead Texan

10. Sieve Ochre (Austin, TX)

11. Modeselektor (Germany)
"Vote or Die"
Hello Mom!

12. Ms. John Soda (Germany)
"By Twos"
No P. or D

13. The Album Leaf (San Diego, CA)
"Six AM"
In an Off White Room

14. Lodil (U.K.)
"Repleat Curtain"
VA Friends We Met Along The Way


Season 02 — PGM007

01. Grails (Portland)
"More Extinction"
Burning Off Impurities

02. RJD2 (Philadelphia)
"Someone's Second Kiss"
Since We Last Spoke

03. Download (Vancouver)
"Carrier Tone"

04. The Flashbulb (Chicago)
Kirlian Selections

05. Stef Animal (New Zealand)

06. Xela (U.K.)
"Japanese Whispers"
For Frosty Mornings and Summer Nights

07. 302 Acid (Washington D.C.)
"Push Button"
Even Calls

08. DJ Cam (Paris)

09. Blu Mar Ten (U.K.)
"Hollywood Landmines"
The Six Million Names of God

10. Jonny Greenwood (U.K.)
"Moon Mall"
Body Song

11. DJ Dara (New York)
Rinsimus Maximus

12. Rena Jones (San Francisco)
"Cypress & Evergreen"

13. Klimek (Berlin)
"Ruined in a Day (Buenos Aires)"
Pop Ambient 2007

14. Chris Zippel (Berlin)
"Lila Loves U"
Best of Balearic Ambient


Season 02 — PGM009

01. mansbestfriend (Arizona)
"Wilting Onward"

02. Aux Armes (Austin, TX)
"The Desert Is A Circle"
Astrobahn 60807

03. The Notwist (Germany)
Neon Golden

04. Bibio (U.K.)
Hand Cranked

05. Neotropic (London)
"Closer to the Sun"
La Prochaine Fois

06. Boards of Canada (Scotland)
"In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country"
In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country

07. Bonobo (London)
"Dismantling Frank"

08. Lusine Icl (Seattle, WA)

09. Naono (Athens)
Slope Drifting

10. Adam Pacione (Fort Worth, TX)
"From Stills to Motion"
Sickly Sweet

11. Infinite Scale (London)
Sound Sensor

12. Mum (Reykjavik)
"K_Half Noise"
Finally We Are No One

13. Balmorhea (Austin, TX)
"And I Can Hear the Soft Morning Rustling of My Blood"